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The Life She Leads


Work out, Feel good, Look good and Do great. Confidence can either hinder you or pave your way to sucess depending on whether you lack it or have it. -Christine Ahoussi

workout  workout  
workout   workout 
This table shows my weight loss from 2017 to 2018.

Weight loss can be a long tiring journey if you don't have fun with it. It is not a punishment but rather a change of life style to bring you internal peace and self confidence. Figure out what works for you and find friends to keep you going. watch the video below to get some workout ideas.

workout workout
Year Age Height Weight BMI Health
2015-2016   19   5ft.5in   165 lb   27   Overweight 
2016-2017   20  5ft.5in  167.5 lb  27  Overweight  
2017-2018   21  5ft.5in  175 lb  28  Overweight  
2018-2019   22  5ft.5in  143 lb  24   Normal  
This table shows my positive health journey through weight loss. From overweight to normal weight.